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If you are a struggling stylist listen up…

Remember being excited about getting into this industry only to be beaten down by cheap clients and burn out?

You’re now wondering why you ever decided to become a hairdresser…

Are you a slave behind the chair, never see your family, barely making ends meat and killing your body??

Oof…I know and was you for the longest time.

Did you know that the average stylist makes $27k a year!!??

In today’s world $27,000 a year barely can keep you afloat let alone give you a life free of money worries.

Sold Out Stylists LIVE coaching calls will give you the skills to create the business and life of your dreams…

I know, that’s a big statement to promise. But I spill all the knowledge I know how to build your business behind the chair to that 6 figure mark…

Learn what I know in a 4 week live course…

What you’ll get out of this limited time offer:

✔️Learn the 4 Pillars of how I built my 6 figure (almost 7 Figure girl right here) business
✔️Learn the secrets behind stylists who attract fly in guests from across the country
✔️Get real with the basics of boundary setting and targeting your perfect client
✔️Learn how to build your brand and your income no matter where your located (in the country here with no problem attracting our “dream clients.”)
✔️Learn how to stand out in a world full of stylists and how I attracted the biggest media outlets in the world that flew out to do a story on me and my “little” 6 figure business

In the SOLD Out Stylist 4 week LIVE course I spill all the knowledge I have on how I built this incredible business and life…
and how YOU can too!!!

You don’t want to hesitate on this limited time offer since I will not be doing live coaching forever…

Soon Sold Out Stylist Course will be pre-recorded but as of now everything is live 101 with me weekly to level up your business and life.

Go to to join and to change your life!!!

“I believe in you and as your coach I am determined that you grow so much that you won’t recognize yourself in a year.” Angelina