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Pro Tips from a Luxury Extension Specialist

Luxury hand tied hair extensions need your love and care from day one… When you come in for your initial reservation we will go over everything when it comes to tips and tricks and how to maintain them and how to help them last. Over the years I have learned what needs to be said for you as our guest to feel confident maintaining your extensions at home. This might involve actually showing you how to brush properly (yes brushing properly is a thing with extensions) and what products to use and when. Shampooing, conditioning, brushing, styling and masking all come into play to keep your investment beautiful and healthy. We have a print out maintenance sheet just for you to take home to refer back to you and we will spend plenty of time during your initial reservation going over each step to make sure you feel confident at home taking care of your new beautiful locks.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks that are a must:

Oil Everyday
Like every single day! This step is a bit counterintuitive because you most likely have never oiled your hair every single day. Extensions are dead, they are dry and they need the extra moisture daily to keep brushing smooth, keep the cuticle intact and keep your extensions lasting longer. Trust us with this step. This is the number one thing I tell my guests at each appointment, especially during the summer months. We love Maroc in oil for thicker hair, you oil for finer hair and the new Leaf and Flower CBD oil for medium textured hair Hold onto your rows when you brush with a wet brush Place your hand flat on your rose and hold tight where the anchor beads are in the front while you brush working from the bottom up. Be gentle and brush thoroughly. Lift up rows and brush in between them working from the bottom to top. Detangler will be a must during the brushing process as well as oil.

Olaplex once a week
If you haven’t heard of Ola Plex this will be a life changer! Especially for my blondes or anyone who chemically lifts their hair. Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment, it is a bonder. It will seal your split ends and give a new life back into your hair and extensions. We recommend Olaplexing once a week and following that up with plenty of oil and brushing thoroughly.

Mask once a week
After you shampoo And condition make sure to put a mask on after you have towel dried and leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes. Once a week is plenty with the step but it makes such a huge difference in the softness and the integrity of your hair.

Rinse shampoo out thoroughly before putting your conditioner in
This is a important step! Make sure you rinse out all shampoo before you put your conditioner in iOS say it is like a washing machine, if you put too much detergent in it can’t with it out. Less is more and rinse your shampoo out thoroughly before conditioning. This will help with itchiness and buildup. Rinse rinse rinse rinse!!