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Angelina is such a beauty and talent. I made the switch to NBR extensions after years of other types of extensions after the damage they were causing, I had to make a decision. As an esthetician, I do my research which is how I thankful found this method talented Angelina. She’s educated me on how to take care of my hair long with providing the most beautiful color work and extensions work. A true artist! With my work, hair is the last thing I want to worry or fuss over and I want to look professional and beautiful at the same time. She’s helped me to accomplish both and I’m just so grateful for her care. In addition, she’s generously supported our non profit helping survivors of human trafficking by providing products and funding for survivors.

I’m so thankful! She’s the absolute best!


A little backstory on my hair. I have fine hair lots of it but never as full or voluminous as I have wanted it. Also once it reaches a certain length the growing really slows down. I have taken supplements used special shampoos, held off on processing and coloring my hair, magical spells 😉 etc.

For over more than a decade I have wanted dream hair. 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us and instinctually I just decided it was time for me to make a big change. I was just over waiting, wondering, researching, dreaming about it. I just decided F-IT I’m going for it.

I have friends and my sister who frequently use tape in extensions her stylist puts them in for her and she likes them but there’s quite a few things that she would change about them. I’ve had one other experience with extensions they were also tape in and they were very annoying to wear I was unable to move the hair in a natural way. They were also extremely uncomfortable to sleep in and during the day just felt like I had a blog of tangles in. I had them in for over a week and then went back in and said I can’t stand these please take them out.

So in my search I came across Angelina and her studio and then from there discovered what NBR stands for and I’m so glad I let my instincts guide this decision making. Thank you universe🙏
For one she’s an amazing person and on a personal level I’m extremely happy that We have crossed paths. On a professional level she has a lot of experience she is at aight forward and clear! She is very attentive and detail oriented stylist which I extremely appreciate because my personality and life are all about the details. I find that in the details you really see someone (if that makes sense). Her assistant Lexi as very sweet, calm, attentive and thorough they make a great team in my opinion.
So I spent quite a few hours in her studio getting to know them and watching the whole process. I love Learning new things anywhere, anytime and anyhow my brain and my entire being soak it all in.
I did not leave her studio feeling drained and tired from the long day but left there feeling pretty DAMN fabulous and definitely recharged even Having to drive to catch a ferry boat home to orcas Island that night, I came in twirling my beautiful locks on cloud nine. Honestly it’s just been up from there, I feel like an extreme better version of myself and honestly for a first timer the irritation in the scalp and the weight of the hair has been in no way what I thought it may be especially compared to wigs which I wear for stage performances or fun. I really do feel like they are a part of me now.
As far as maintenance I already had a hair routine so adding more styling time and care for these have been at all no problem for me as I enjoy my time in my bathroom with a glass of wine and some music and my beautiful locks. I am so excited for my next appointment/move up and I’m looking forward to many years knowing Angelina and having her take care of me. I highly recommend her and her team. If you are hesitant just reach out to her talk to her on the phone or a FaceTime chat. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll know whether she’s right for you or not.

Aundria Martinez

Was so excited to finally have my appt with Angelina! && let me say, she DID NOT dissapoint! Her studio was so clean and cozy. Her and Lexi her asst made me feel right at home! I recommend her a 110% ive had extensions before but not like these. She made my hair even better than what I had originally thought I wanted and that says something! Thank you so much! The color is perfect and I’m so excited to show off my new hair!!!!