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Nuturing your Extensions

Luxury hair extensions are an investment. Taking care of them properly will be a major factor on how long your investment will last.

Together we will come up with a perfect regimen for at home care customized for you.

A minimum of thirty minutes of your initial appointment will be going over maintaining your new beautiful locks. Our main goal is to send you home feeling confident so you know exactly how to care for your luxury hair extensions to keep them looking and feeling beautiful.

What does maintenance appointments look like?

Everything is done at every appointment. Move ups/retightnenings consist of –

-Removing your extensions

-Refreshing your natural hair with a color and dusting

-Refreshing extensions with color

-Installation of rows


Maintenance reservations take up to 3 hours and are suggested every 6-8 weeks. They are much quicker then initial appointments. Cost ranges from $400-800.

How long does the hair last?

We try to promise less and deliver more. Depending on your lifestyle, maintenance routines and how often you color or style will all come into play on how long your hair extensions will last. Here is a good rule of thumb; blondes last up to 6 months before needing new pieces put in or a whole new set. Brunettes can go as long as nine months before needing new hair.

Like I said, we try to promise less and deliver more.

Can I workout, swim and live a active lifestyle?

Yes!! With little points of contact, zero tape, glue or hot tools involved you can live your life as normal!

Are they damaging?

No! With minimal points of contact and ZERO



✔Hot tools




We offer only the most gentle methods in the world on your natural hair! The Integrity of your natural hair is our top priority.