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Purpose Built

If you follow us on any social media outlet you will know how unique our service and cozy place is.

We are not a big bad salon with twenty five plus chairs. Instead, our little spot consists of one chair, one shampoo bowl and a more intimate experience. My studio is located in the beautiful Warm Beach, Wa on my private property. Our whole salon/studio is uniquely special and our services are just as exceptional.

Your guest experience is our number one priority. We want to wow you in every way. That has come easier to do with keeping things small. Instead of having a huge salon that makes you feel like your just another number, I strive to be the best in the industry and to throw my efforts and time into my education. That way, every guest leaves feeling amazing and knowing they just received the best quality service, hair and experience possible.

2020 has been difficult (to say the least) for my industry and I am so thankful for my loyal guests. Staying small and safe has ended up being the smartest decision I have made this year. I have never wanted a huge space with a huge team. I have always wanted to keep things in the boutique lane and keep the quality high. This does not mean that we will stop growing, our business has exploded and I know eventually a bigger space will be needed. But for now we will stay small, unique and luxury.

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