Hi, I’m Angelina, and I’m just like you.

I’m a mother of two boys, a wife, a business owner; I’m a hustler, an artist, a visionary. I have goals and setbacks, trials and errors, dreams and desires. I am an ever-evolving work in progress, fueled by passion to grow and adapt.

I’ve struggled my whole life to accept the person I am, to embrace my flaws and to find passion and purpose. And I’ve found all of that through NBR.

I’ve been a hair stylist for over 12 years, helping women to refine their beauty and create confidence. I was a color specialist for many years, an expert at my craft. It wasn’t until I happened upon NBR that I realized my full potential as an artist.

I pride myself on my perfectionism; honing my skills, investing in education and training to the be the best I can be. I know where my clients have been; I know their personal struggles with self-confidence and self-worth: I’ve been there before and can relate.

At the end of the day, I want to empower my clients, to give them the confidence they need to succeed in their dreams, just like I’ve created for myself. I’m a firm believer that we attract each other when we have a mutual opportunity to learn and grown from one another. I’m fortunate to call my clients friends and I look forward to changing their lives with each visit.

Why I Chose NBR

NBR Personally gave me the confidence I’d been lacking in myself for so many years. Always struggling with self-worth, I never felt good enough. It wasn’t until I experienced NBR in my own hair that I experienced what it did for me and my confidence. Furthermore, it enhanced my desire to help women feel beautiful and to experience this burst of confidence I now felt. NBR is more than hair; it is a catalyst for self-love, acceptance and fearlessness.

Hi, I’m Lexie Walker, Angelina's assistant.

Hi, I’m lexie! I’m currently in beauty school for hair design, but I’ve learned more than I could ever dream while working alongside Angelina. I’m very passionate about the beauty industry and can’t wait to grow my skills with your help!