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Why Luxury Hair Extensions are Timeless

Hair extensions have been around for long time (think 100 years or so) but really took off in the 1950’s. Luxury Handtied-extensions are a mainstay in salons and on sets nowadays. Wigs have been around since the Egyptian times and really got popular in the Victorian era.

You can see how old extensions are and how they have adapted and evolved.

Luxury hair extensions are versatile, and anyone that will argue, I say that’s all I do all day everyday. When bobs are in, they just get thicker or shorter, when balayage is in, you might just be adding some toffee bits in the right places. Hair extensions can adapt, and the way people use them adapts.

I have made sure that the methods that we offer in the salon are the most gentle, natural and seamless looking extensions on the market. The hair we use (Isla handtied hairline) is ethically sourced and is exclusive to NBR artists only.

Luxury hair extensions have leveled up and have become more natural and almost invisible to the untrained eye then ever before. With years of training and experience we promise to give the most beautiful results.

Extensions keep becoming better and better and are a staple in womens beauty regimens. It doesnt matter what nationality, or where you come from anymore, luxury Handtied-extensions will always be timeless and gorgeous.