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What’s the latest in the studio and what’s the big news for our fellow independent stylists?…

June was a crazy busy month for us in the studio. We rocked out some amazing hair and were
on TV again spilling all the summer hair care tips and tricks we know for New Day Northwest-Seattle’s only morning show. TV has become something I love to do and want to do more of. Bringing value to women who suffer from hair loss or just want to learn that perfect curl, brings so much joy into my life. And being more visible on TV only helps everyone. Everyone wins.

Make sure to click below to watch and and tag us on Instagram @angelinashairstudio_llc
when you see it reair!!!

The biggest insight I’ve had this year so far is that my passion for educating is powerful. I remember what it felt like to be a struggling artist and to be making only $1500 a month barely surviving. I always felt taken advantage of and honestly hated my clients. If you are a independent stylist that is a barely making ends meat I am here to help you friend…

You can purchase 4 live coaching calls with me to learn everything I know how to build a
six-figure business independently… FAST!!!!

I spill all the knowledge I have with the four pillars of building your brand and your clientele fast…. No big bad salon necessary.

You can be out in the middle of nowhere just like me (no city limits needed!) And independently grow your income to live the life you’ve always wanted… Just imagine choosing who you want to sit in your chair. Just Imagine being paid what your “dream prices” would be. I’ll show you exactly how I did it by myself and how I caught the attention of the biggest media outlets in the world!!!!

Sold out stylist course is a LIVE 4 week 101 course…for only $997!!!

This will be some of the last live coaching calls before it is pre-recorded. So don’t hesitate if you want your questions answered one on one with me how to build your business and live with financial freedom… go to to join our sold out stylist coaching calls before it’s too late!!! I am here to help you live the best life you can live as a artist and I am here to support and bring value into your business and your life.

So much love Angelina XX