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Hair Loss is a Hot Topic: Is the Pandemic Responsible?

We see it daily.

We see hair loss on all levels- every single day in our chair.

We see postpartum hair loss, we see cancer survivor hair loss, we see age related hair loss, we see hormonal hair loss; The biggest reason for temporary hair loss is stress induced.

I’ll never forget shampooing a client over a decade ago and her son had just passed away. The clumps of hair that came out in the shampoo bowl made me sick. It was obvious stress caused her hair loss and there was nothing I could do to help. At the time the extension methods on the market were damaging and I wasn’t about to worsen the situation. Instead, a big hug was all I could give and support throughout her hair journey. Now we have options to help solve your current hair dilemma.

2020 was rough and the stress levels that we all went through (and are still going through) caused some serious hair concerns…

The biggest ongoing question we hear is, “Did the pandemic cause my hair to fall out!?”

Our answer is – yes, most likely.

Most people don’t realize how much stress can do to our bodies inside and out. We see it all the time when stress induced hormones take play in hair loss, alopecia or even pulling hair out. For example, when we color hair and the formula hasn’t changed for years on end but all of a sudden their hair takes the color differently- this is usually based on hormones and stress levels. It’s hard to explain this to a guest but there is no other answer.

If you have suffered from a hair loss the past year or so due to stress, here are some tips on growing your hair back and what you can do in the meantime to feel beautiful…

– Stay away from bleach

This seems like a no-brainer but we really mean it when we say lightning takes nutrients out of the hair. Instead focus on all over colors and adding depth until your hair can gain its integrity back.

– Get it trimmed

Keep it dusted and cleaned up for hair to keep growing

– Utilize hair extensions that are gentle

We only offer the most gentle, seamless and beautiful hair extensions on the market. This is a perfect service to keep you feeling beautiful as it leaves room for your natural hair to grow and breathe.

– Olaplex it

Olaplex is a lifesaver for bonding your split ends and helping hair growth. Combining this with a hair growth regimen will be your best friend.

– Nioxin is your BFF

Nioxin hair growth regimen is simply amazing. Use the scalp treatment, shampoo and conditioner to help hair growth fast.

We have solutions to keep you feeling your best and your most beautiful as your hair grows out. The extension methods we offer in the studio are absolutely gentle. We have guests that have been wearing them up to five years with no damage and consistent hair growth. You also have the option of custom crowns, custom toppers and lace front wigs inside our space.

Yes, we do it all.

Whatever your current hair Conundrum is, we have a solution and we’re honored to help you anyway we can. We love what we do in the studio and we always want to bring the most value into your life and into your hair journey as possible.

So much love,
Angelina xx