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AHS (Angelinas Hair Studio) is dedicated to giving sex and the city hair in the country. Sunkissed hair + rich dark colors is what we do best. Think curvy + sultry vibes…

When I opened my studio I wanted it to become a invitation only suite that specialized in color and luxury extensions.

Years of experience + countless trips to California to train and LEARN have made this studio into what it is today.

What do I mean when I say “Sex and the City” hair?? We live for sun-kissed big SULTRY hair… the kind of hair that walks into the room before you do.

We are located 45 minutes north of Seattle/ Bellevue and are a little diamond in the ruff. A in home studio that caters to privacy and a more intimate exprience.

We have heard from our loyal guests how hard it was to initially find us….which I think makes us that much cooler!

We are small, personable and offer quality services that change lifes daily.

We believe that hair is and can be life changing. It’s never just about the hair, its so much more then hair!

Together we will bring your hair dreams to life in just a few hours. With everything customized to you this is the most luxury extension service out there. We offer 3 methods in the salon that are gentle and natural looking.

Our main goal is to help your hair grow and become healthier then its ever been while feeling beautiful with your extensions in the meantime. That is the best part.

We currently have only 2 spots left in December and only 1 in November.

If you suffer from hair that just won’t grow, damaged, or you are unhappy with your current extension method click here to apply!!