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Does longer hair make you look younger?

More hair can give a more youthful appearance. But how long is too long? What would you be comfortable with? Would your age determine your length?

Hair is a highly personal thing — it really depends on the woman, her stature, how she carries herself, and more. Most will tell you that a length somewhere between your shoulders and the top of your bra strap in the back is acceptable. Some women look great with it longer than that; some don’t. I think we should throw all those rules away and start fresh. I go by height, lifestyle and confidence. My rule of thumb is 5’7 or taller we can add as much length as they want; 5’7 and shorter I will show them how long 18″ actually looks on their body frame. Everything is always cut and custom colored at every appointment so going reserved on the cut is important and suggested.

It’s only and always about how YOU FEEL.

I truly believe that a little extra hair can do amazing things to boost self confidence. No matter the length, age, color or texture you are, there is no rules when it comes to luxury hair extensions.

What are your thoughts? How long do you think is too long? Where do you fall in the “does long hair make you look younger” debate?

Your length, amount of rows and color will be gone over thourougly during the over the phone consultation. To get an exact idea of what your dream hair looks like have a inspiration picture ready for the application!!

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