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One of the biggest questions I get asked about hand-tied extensions is if they are damaging; And the answer is yes and no. For instance, if you go to a stylist who was inexperienced in luxury hand-tied extensions they could easily cause a lot of damage. With such an intricate method such as NBR (Natural Beaded Rows Extensions) every bead has to be placed on base.Tension, placement and the weight of the hair all come into play for a damage free experience. There is so much detail involved. Experience makes things go much more smoothly. When you have an experienced colourist for example, you will have little to zero damage. An inexperienced colourist could cause a lot of chemical damage if they are not careful. Being an educated client and doing your research on who you’re going to for your service will pay off in the end. Try to keep in mind, when you go to a specialist they have reps under their belt. More reps, means more experience, which equals better results. It always comes down to price as well. You always get what you pay for and hair extensions + color are not services that should be cut-price. You will always regret bad hair and never regret paying for the best. I remember getting my first set of extensions when I was 19 years old. They were glued onto my hair bare boned.The stylist at the time was my girlfriend and was in beauty school. The hair was synthetic and I think I paid around 100 dollars. You can only imagine how bad they looked and how bad they damaged my hair. A couple years later I was working at one of the best salons in Seattle at their flagship location. I was a model for an experienced hairdresser who specialized in custom cuts. He was in training to do a hair extension method that used bonds and a hot tool. My hair was in such bad shape after the extensions were removed I had to get a bob haircut that I will never heal from! So the lesson is, is that even though this particular stylist was a master design stylist (meaning he just cut hair all day, everyday) he was definitely not an experienced extensionist. Which ended up costing me more in the end with the damage he caused!

Experience + education is the secret potion to a fabulous service and results.

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