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Did you know that I only use Isla handtied hairline exclusive to certified NBR artist?

Pre-rooted, less silicone and more hair per weft. Which means fuller more voluminous hair!!

And now its available in 24″!

24″ has always been a bit tough to get my hands on. You have to remember that nothing is produced everything is grown.

Some man or woman had to grow their hair out to be 24” before it’s cut- if not longer. So getting my hands on 24” has always been a struggle and when I finally would find that extraordinary length, it would be only in platinum blonde colors.

But now, Natural Beaded rows own hairline launched 24’s finally… now a hairline that I know and trust is giving us a exclusive chance.

How do you know which hair length is right for you?

I go by height, lifestyle, experience and chest size… yes you heard me right it; chest size will determine how the hair will lay on your body. It all depends on how the hair will lay and how long it will look after we custom carve it.

Keep in mind that your extensions will get longer as the weeks go by and they are trimmed and dusted at every appointment. Picking a length really depends on what your comfort level is and how much time you want to spend styling.

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