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I have shitty hair.

My hair has always been a struggle for me. It is thin, extra fine and curly. It would never grow past my shoulders and if I would put any kind of lightner on, it would break off. I knew it was growing because I would see my roots coming in but it’s like the ends would just disappear into thin air?!

After my second son was born it really got thin and almost completely fell out.

I always wore hair extensions of some form for years, and was offering methods in the salon that I wore myself.

Every hair counts on my head and I couldn’t afford to lose anymore.

Wearing extensions that caused damage just wouldn’t work for me anymore and I was sick of seeing the damage they were causing in my clients hair as well as my own hair. I was also sick of being able to see the extensions in my hair.

What is the point if your hair extensions are noticeable or damaging?

It’s so much more then hair, it is a feeling and can be life changing.

There is nothing better then feeling the confidence that a little extra hair can give you.

If you are unhappy with your current hair extension method and you are looking for a method that causes zero damge and uses zero glue, tape, solvent, hot tools or braiding -Natural Beaded rows is the method for you.

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