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With Natural Beaded Rows nothing is taken out of the package and put in your head. Everything is custom colored weft by weft to give a seamless and undetectable look.

There is nothing worse than seeing a woman with obvious hair extensions in. The biggest sign of a bad hair extension service is a color disconnect. But, honestly everything matters including the cut and placement.

Everything is always refreshed and custom colored at every appointment. At your initial appointment every hand-tied weft is smudged, low lighted and, highlighted, rooted and toned just for you. From beginning to end everything is customized for you including installation, the cut and the color.

This is not your average hair appointment and it is a luxury service.

Textures also take huge part onto whether hair extensions blend perfectly. With over 15 textures to choose from we can match your hair to exactly how it behaves on a daily basis. Everything is taken into account when picking out a texture or multiple textures for you; your lifestyle, your environment and how you style it.

With very little points of contact and zero damage, tape, glue, hot tools solvent, alcohol or braiding involved, it is the best method for fine hair clients.

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