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Little points of contact = ZERO Damage

One of the many reasons we love NBR extensions is because of its little points of contact.

What does that mean exactly?

Natural beaded rows extensions only has around 8 points of contact per row.

It uses non silicone lined beads which are very small and only needs a tiny bit of your natural hair to attach it to.

If you know anything about extensions you know how amazing this is!!

It uses ZERO glue, tape, solvent, hot tools braiding or alcohol.

I am certified in over 12 different hair extension methods and most of them cause a lot of damage.

I couldn’t afford to lose any more hair since my natural hair is very thin and fine.

And I couldn’t consciously offer my clients extension methods that had a lot of points of contact and damaged the hair.

With space in between each small bead it will give your real hair room to breathe and grow.

Little points of contact= ZERO Damage


I wanted to touch base on salon doors opening May 25th.

With new regulations and new safety procedures we will only be taking 3 or 4 clients a week and having no more than 2 people in the studio at a time.

I have always been an independent artist working out of my in home salon/studio with one assistant.

We have always kept the studio and kept it in tip top shape and this doesn’t change much for our situation.

We have always been one-on-one with a client and have always given them a luxury experience from the moment they step in the door. We want to ensure you as our guests that we take your health very seriously and Appreciate every single one of you!

Thank you for supporting my small business and love to you all-

Angelina Murphy