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I just want to say first and foremost how GRATEFUL we are of our clients that have supported us all of these years. Thank you for supporting small business and artists like me. With the world feeling like a scary dark place lately I want to give a little light and let you know that options and flexibility are how we roll.

Having a in-home salon studio keeps overhead low and keeps education high and pricing fair. This way you, as our guest are the one’s that will benefit. Instead of a big bad salon that costs a lot to maintain we are more focused on quality and experience.

With that being said, custom payment plans that work with your lifestyle are available. Keeping things flexible during this hard time will keep everyone happy and beautiful.

We are still booking into May and have had little to no one want to reschedule; however due to our current situation we will most likely have to rebook people out farther if there is a mandatory shutdown.

Keep in mind summer and better times are coming and we are always honored to be your extension team.