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Did you know that we only do extensions all day every day…

We only offer luxury extension methods and color.

I decided to become a specialist and only offer extensions and color in the salon so I can be a master at my trade. As a stylist I remember taking every service that came in the door. I wasn’t a master at any of those things. So, honing in on my skills and focusing on only one service has proved to be worth it. We only offer the best methods on the market for invisibility and naturalness; Natural Bead Rows and Invisible Beaded extensions, as well as custom top pieces.

This gives each guest the BEST experience and service. Its all about how YOU feel… We want you to leave every appointment feeling like a goddess. We will go over which method is best for you and your lifestyle. I believe reps and practice makes perfect. For instance, picking a doctor that is a specialist in one thing is better than going to a doctor that does everything. Also, keeping in mind how many clients they have and how often they do that particular thing. I hope it gives all my guests and potential clients confidence that we see it all and we do it every day.

By default this makes for a better end result and a better experience in the salon. Hand-tied luxury hair extensions and color are exactly what you’ll be getting every time you come into the studio. Our goal is to make you feel and see the difference. It doesn’t matter what color or texture of hair you have, everyone is welcome as long as extensions and color are involved!

Here is our latest tutorial on the beachy wave, check it out!

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