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You can wear topknots, ponytails and live a active normal lifestyle with Natural Beaded rows extensions….with NOTHING showing.

Most of our guests hit the gym often and utilize dry shampoo and schedule their wash days…. You can go a longer period of time without having to shampoo and styling on day one will last you up to 4 days. I always recommend the “toupee wash” which is washing the top section of your hair only to hold you over and help you feel fresh in between washes. Wearing your hair up with absolutely nothing showing is incredible, especially if you know anything about hair extensions. Take advantage of the silk scrunchie trend that is so popular right now, because they are gentle on the hair and won’t cause damage plus they are so cute!

We always suggest not pulling your hair straight back in a pony for the first couple of days; but wearing it up high or down low is just fine. After that first couple of days you will be free to wear your Natural Beaded Rows anyway you want. NBR is perfect for anyone who works out often and wants that perfect pony or messy bun. You can swim, run, hike, sweat and shampoo everyday if you want too with zero damage or complications. This method is for women suffering from thinning, chemical damage, postpartum hair loss or it just wont grow past my shoulders problem…


The advantages of this method are incredibly versatile and flexible with anyone’s lifestyle.