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I have shitty hair.

I have thin, curly and just wont grow hair. It has always been a struggle for me when it comes to my confidence. The very first time I had extensions in, they took up to 10 hours to install and when I had them taken out they used alcohol and pliers to remove. Talk about damaging.

But I was hooked.

Natural Beaded Rows extensions takes around 4 hours in-and-out of the salon with Zero tape, glue, hot tools, solvent, braiding or tape.

If you know anything about extensions you will know how amazing that is.

With a 5 minute removal it is the easiest most natural, LUXURY hair extension method on the market.

With everything custom, NBR offers a seamless and almost invisible look. Every weft is custom colored for each guest to help keep it undetectable.

I loved the feeling of a little extra hair in my head. If my hair looks good then I really don’t need much else, I don’t need as much make up or anything else. It’s amazing how much hair can affect how you feel. I always wondered how all these bloggers looked so beautiful with little makeup- their hair was always on point.

It takes high maintenance to be low maintenance.

If you are struggling with thin, damaged, chemically damaged or it just won’t grow past a certain length conundrum we hear daily- Click Link Below to Apply!