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Got skinny hair?

Yeah us too- there are solutions to whatever current hair dilemma your having. There is no real cure for thin hair, even clients we have that have had the hair plugs/surgery say it doesn’t help completely.

So what are our options?

As a women who personally struggles with thin, curly, frizzy and just wont grow hair I needed options. Surgery wasn’t a option, so extensions were a saving grace. There is always options to choose from when picking out a hair extension method for you.

Hands down the most important thing for us in the studio is to offer gentle hair extension methods that cause zero damage. This is important because most of our guests are suffering from thinning, chemical damage, hair loss, postpartum hair loss, or the dreaded it “just won’t grow” conundrum that we hear daily. So we understand that every hair counts.

I can remember getting extensions that took up to 10 hours to put in, and when I had them taken out I looked like a cancer patient because of how much damage was done.

I couldn’t consciously offer those methods to my clients anymore because I knew they were damaging their hair as well as mine.

So I was on a mission to offer a life changing service that anyone can wear comfortably.

Because we now offer Natural Beaded Rows extensions, Invisible Beaded extensions and custom toppers that are life changers we have gentle, natural and comfortable options for skinny hair. Text to book (206) 919 8717