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After a few weeks wearing your new hand-tied Natural Beaded Rows Extensions or Invisible Beaded Extensions the hair will eventually feel like your natural hair.

We can put in the same texture in 5 different clients and they will all come back with their hair extensions feeling a little different.

Maybe it is their lifestyle or the oils seeping into the hair from their scalp or how they maintain their hair extensions…

Either way the hair will develop a more life like texture and feel like YOUR hair.

Depending on how you like your hair to feel, more silky straight which is what brand new hair feels like, or more lived in textured which happens over time.

Angelina loves a combination of old and new hair for the perfect feeling and look; but everyone is different when it comes to this.

Depending on which texture she decides is best for your natural hair.

Angelina takes into account what hair texture you have and how you wear it daily-

Does it get frizzy?

Does it lay flat?

How does it behave when you go out into the elements?

With over 15 different textures to choose from she will pick and choose options to use to make each guest’s hair extensions as natural as possible. So as the hair wears in the textures will match perfectly.
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