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Did you know that we only offer 3 luxury hair extension methods in the studio?

We only offer the best on the market when it comes to gentleness, natural and seamless.

Color is always involved with your natural hair and custom coloring each weft to blend perfectly. The very best hair is used and Installation Is quick compared to other methods out there. The reason why it is a luxury service is because it is HARD. There is absolutely nothing easy about doing Natural Beaded Rows extensions and the other methods I offer.

Every client that walks into the studio will get an experience from someone who has had countless hours and thousands of dollars of education into this craft. Most of our clients are suffering from hair loss, health conditions, female pattern baldness or chemical damage- so we know every hair counts. We understand the pain that is involved with thin hair and the feeling it gives you. We have a couple options to solve your problems and your current hair dilemmas. Whatever hair issue you are suffering from we have a solution; custom topper pieces that are velcroed on for female pattern baldness, Natural Beaded Rows and the newest addition Invisible Beaded extensions.

We only do extensions and color all day every day. The methods we offer are the Lamborghini of all hair extensions.

Instead of paying for cheap over and over again you will be paying for quality. No mess no stress.

If you are unhappy with your current hair extension method text to book in the END of April (206) 919-8717