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I do really good “lived in”hair. I am not a fashion color stylist.

Even though I think they look beautiful when done right, I have never been interested in getting advanced trained to do blues, purples or greens. I think when picking out a artist for your hair extensions color is top priority; Especially hand-tied extensions. Understanding as a client what that certain stylist does well is key. You wouldn’t want to go to a stylist that showcases that they do all short hair when you are wanting long hair.

I have honed in on my skills with luxury hair extension methods that include custom coloring everything.

And I know what I am elite at and what I do best. I love big, sex & the city hair with big barrel curls and monroe sweeping money pieces. I love to have beachy waves in my brondes and keep the colors soft and natural looking.

I am obsessed with rich brunettes that have dimension and depth. I take full advantage of all texture and give most of my guests volume for days….think a metropolitan/victoria secret/beachy stylist. I love soft curls and a beautiful blowouts. I have been known to get the throwback curling rods and give that classic blown out look. I also love the look of airdryed beachy styles that are effortless. Being a master at one thing is better then being mediocre in a lot of things. I have learned to stay in my lane with what I do best and not to jump around. Text to Book (206) 919-8717