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What do you look for in a extension stylist? What do you want out of a artist?

With so many stylist’s out there now offering hand-tied extensions it could be easily confused by you, the client. Qualifications have been put in place with Natural Beaded Rows extensions and their brand. In the beginning, any licensed cosmetologist could fly down to Laguna Beach do a 2 day class and be certified. They could then come home and offer this service however they wanted.

And NBR decided their brand was being watered down by this…

So they upped the ante. They made qualifications for every stylist that wanted to offer and market NBR extensions. The qualifications turned into a Academy in November 2019.

Can you imagine if every licensed cosmetologist had to turn in 5 models each year to prove their work to the state?? There would be hardly any cosmetologists licensed.

Qualifications benefit the client.

DKW Academy well consist of different levels after graduation. Once graduated there will be a perferred NBR artist map on DKW’s website. This will give more of a clear picture of who is a amateur, intermediate or a elite artist in extentions in Washington State.

Angelina has been an extension specialist for over 10 years and is certified in over a dozen different methods.

She has chosen to offer only a couple luxury extension services in the studio. Offering methods that cause zero damage and are the most natural and beautiful looking extensions on the market helps gain the trust and reputation of Angelina’s Hair Studio.

The extension methods offered are Natural Beaded Rows, Invisible Beaded extensions, custom toppers and color.

Countless hours and thousands of dollars into her education has made her a master of her trade. Each and every guest that sits in our chair will feel the difference and love the experience. This is not your average hair appointment and only luxury methods are offered.