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Here are some recent guests before all hell broke loose….Lucky ladies! Reminiscing on being behind the chair and rocking out some amazing extensions…

If you have holes in your hair from damage, breakage, a shitty haircut or any other reason, extensions can fix that. And save you from the awful and painfully slow grow out phases.

Whatever your current hair dilemma is we have a solution. Your hair extensions should never be obvious and if you ask me they should be almost invisible. The color should be seamless and the texture should match your hair and how you wear it daily. With countless hours, travel, and thousands of dollars into my education you will be getting a luxury hair extension service. Everything is included in your initial appointment color, cut, installation, the hair itself, cut and style as well as some cool after photos.

With zero damage I only offer the most gentle methods in the world. 0 tape, glue, braiding, hot tools, solvent or alcohol involved!

I understand hair might not be on everybody’s priority list right now, but for me it is non-negotiable and it is something I cannot live without. It brings me confidence and confidence affects everybody around me.

I know eventually things will go back to normal and we are going to have a whole new perspective on life that is for sure. Stay healthy and try to stay happy friends.

Text (206) 919-8717 to book!!