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What You NEED to know about hand tied extensions

By September 27, 2019August 13th, 2020No Comments

What You NEED to know about handtied extentions

Not every handtied method is the same.

Not every stylist who does handtied extensions is the same. There is a million methods methods on the market

But when it comes to QUALITY CONTROL Natural Beaded Rows is the elite.

The word “handtied” is so saturated and so frequently confused. ” Handtied” is not the method, but the type of hair I’m using.

“Beaded Rows” is not NBR.

“Handtied ” is not NBR.

Do your research before choosing what method is right for you. DKW the home of Natural Beaded Rows™️ extensions upped their ante and made it mandatory for each stylist that wanted to offer this method to do the WORK.

Extreme requirements had to be met to be apart of the brand. Only a select few made it in. These artists will be on there map in 2020 as the *MASTERS. It will locate them for you and have them has there NBR preferred artists.

Pricing will vary with each artists education level and experience, and rightfully so.

You will NEVER regret beautiful hair, you will always regret bad hair. Remeber that.