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The 6 Things you should know before you get NBR Extentions

By September 26, 2019August 13th, 2020No Comments

The 6 Things you should know before you get NBR Extentions

Natural Beaded Rows is the absolute best method in the world when it comes to being gentle and realistic. There really isn’t another method that can touch on how seamless and clean it is… here are the top 6 things I would like you to know before getting your dream hair…

  1. It’s Maintenance. You have to be HIGH MAINTENANCE TO BE LOW MAINTENANCE. I don’t feel like when my hair is beautiful I need a lot of makeup or a lot of accessories. I feel like going in to get my hair done every 6-8 weeks gives me the freedom to be lazy in other areas. When my hair looks good, I feel beautiful.
  2. Its custom. Every weft is coloured just for you. Nothing is taken out of the package and put into your head. With multiple colors and artistic techniques, NBR is famous for it being a completely seamless color match to you.
  3. Natural Beaded Rows is custom cut. Once hair is coloured and installed, everything is carved to blend perfectly.
  4. Hair longevity. Blondes last 3-6 months, while brunettes are lucky with 6 months before needing new hair put in.
  5. NBR uses ZERO TAPE, SOLVENT, HOT TOOLS, GLUE OR BRAIDING which is ideal for clients that want no damage.
  6. Move up appointments last 3 hours in and out of the salon. Everything is taken out, recoloured and cut and reinstalled.

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