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Natural Beaded Rows extensions takes Maintenance.

Here is what to count on…

Your initial appointment will start with an hour consultation in the very beginning. I like to get to know you as a color client and an extension client.

After we discuss what hair goals you have in mind, together, we come up with a plan to give you your dream hair. The initial appointment runs a few hours so each weft is colored custom.

You can look forward to your next visit being 6 weeks on the dot. At this appointment we will take out the extensions completely. We will recolor your natural hair, we colour your extension hair, reinstall your extension hair, dust everything, and style. You should be in-and-out of the salon in 3 hours max.

Every single move up/ Retightening we will color everything take out everything and dust everything. Nothing is left untouched.

After your 6 week appointment, We can discuss further if you can push it out a little longer. Some of my clients can not go any longer than 6 weeks, while others can push it out 12 or 13.

Click my link on my contact page to apply!!