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Blow Out

By September 20, 2019August 13th, 2020No Comments

Hand tied extensions take a little Maintaining.

Blowdrying correctly is one of the most important things you need to know. NBR uses hand tied wefts that need to be dried after they get wet. If they are not dried correctly they will mold and age fast. Scary right?;) So BLOWDRY well…here are some tips on getting thru your blowdry like a pro.

Wet brush

Brush over your rows and start from the bottom and work your way up. Don’t brush soaking wet hair. And make sure everything is towel dried pretty well before you start brushing. I brush in between blowdrying, I brush before blow drying, I brush after blowdrying and I brush throughout the day. Brushing with a wet pro brush that has boar bristles around the mane bristle is the key ingredient. I spray 7 seconds detangler in before I brush and I keep reusing the product as much as I think I need it to get a smooth brush out.


I absolutely love Uoil for everything when it comes to smoothing out your real hair and extension hair. I put 3 pumps of Uoil in mid length to ends and put it in like you be putting in a ponytail. I know that sounds like a lot of oil, but when you have any NBR in your hair you need to get used to oil being your best friend. I use most when the hair is toweled dried and a little more after it is blow dried completely.

Blowout Creme

I love the blow out creme by Unite lately for heat protection and and smoothing effect. What other product you put in make sure it says heat protectant on the bottle.

Blowdry your root

Getting the wefts nice and dry at your scalp is crucial…. if nothing else always blow dry your wefts at your rows. Sometimes, I can blow dry my scalp and make sure the wefts are nice and dry and just towell dry my ends and braid my hair and let it dry that way. As long as your scalp is dry that is the most important part.

Round Brushing

Never round brush your soaking wet hair extensions. Make sure your hair is 80% dry before you start round brushing in sections. I always use a metal plated round brush to give a wave to my hair without using a curling iron. The brush heats up just like a iron. Ground brushing is a art. You have to find your flow and practice a lot to master it. I love to blow dry everything the opposite direction to give more volume at the root.

Blowdrying correctly is a important part of being a NBR girl.