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Hand tied extensions use hand tied hair. It is a string of beads that makes the track, and I sew the hand tied hair on to that string of beads.

Hand tied hair is famous for being very thin and the most luxurious beautiful hair on the market. This is what makes hand-tied extensions so amazing, the thin weft lays flat to your scalp. Unlike other hair extension methods that are bulky and uncomfortable. The string of beads that make the track have very little points of contact on your real hair. This gives your real hair room to grow and breathe. This is amazing for clients that have chemical damage or have had other extension methods that destroyed their hair. Hand tied extensions use zero tape, zero solvent, zero Hot Tools zero braiding and 0 glue.

Ideal for someone within, disintegrating or even balding hair.

Hand tied extensions are custom colored and cut to every single client. These are the Lamborghini of all hair extensions. The color alone is SEAMLESS. Every single hair weft is custom colored with multiple colors to give you a blend that will be almost invisible in your hair. This is the massive difference. This is what makes NBR hand-tied extensions so amazing.

It is unlike any other method in the world. The last method that was Cutting Edge was 30 years ago. Natural beaded rows is only 7 years old. And with other hand tied knock offs on the market it’s easily confusing. You can be sure that NBR’S artist that are certified and in The Mastermind program have countless hours and countless reps to give a luxury and elite service.

If you are ready to take that next step and get your dream hair click the application link to apply!