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What is a NBR?
Natural Beaded Rows is a hair extension method.

And, dare I say the best method in the world. NBR was created by Danielle K White. The home of Natural Beaded Rows, DKW STYLING, is located in Laguna Beach California. They specialize in LUXURY HIGH END HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Danielle started her Brand 6 years ago. She was on a mission to find a hair extension method that would not destroy her natural hair. She knew that she had to have something that was gentle on her real hair and that could look realistic. She started fiddling around with string and Beads and came up with Natural Beaded Rows.

This method is ideal for women who are suffering from hair loss, alopecia areata, chemical damage, postpartum hair loss, Medical hair loss and even disintegrating hair. The most coomon guest in my chair are women who have NO hair growth. They see Roots, but their hair never grows after a certain point. NBR is a solution to every single one of these problems.

NBR is a track of beads that has very low points of contact on your natural hair, it is sewn on with hand-tied wefts. NBR is famous for their clean work and top-notch education with the stylist that are part of the brand. Every weft is custom colored to match your natural hair perfectly. Everything is done for you. Your natural hair is cut and colored, each weft is customized to give you a blend of colors that enhance your skin and your eyes and no one will ever know you have hair extensions in. It is the most natural-looking, most luxury hair you’ve ever felt and seen.

NBR certified stylist only use hand tied Isla hair.

Which has less silicone, longer-lasting and more hair per weft.

If you are unhappy with your current hair extension method click the link in my bio to fill out my application and put your deposit down today!