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I come across so many opinions and comments when it comes to hair extensions.



When done correctly NBR extensions are the most GENTLE on the market. This method was made for fine, thinning, damaged and even disintegrating hair. I have installed hair extensions into clients that are balding and that every little hair counts. After they come back over and over again and we are both witnessing their real hair having room to grow and breathe, that is when I gain their trust.

Don’t get me wrong, there are methods out there that are horribly damaging. NBR uses zero solvent, glue, Hot Tools, tape, or braiding. If you know anything about hair extensions you know how amazing that is.


Not at all. The first 48 hours they are snug. After a few days your hair extensions should feel like a part of you and eventually invisible feeling.


This is most likely the biggest myth! NBR is seamless. Every Weft is custom colored to your natural hair to keep it looking Perfectly Natural. Preferably I would like your hair to be shoulder length or longer for it to be seamless with a longer length. The clients I have with above shoulder length hair that want 18 to 22″ I always have a “come-to-jesus” conversation with them. They can either have the length and it be a little obvious or they can bring up the length and it can be seamless. Most of the time I suggest what we should do and they agree. I always want the hair extensions to be suited for your lifestyle and be as seamless as possible.


If you have invested in other extension methods in the past, and have never been happy… Think about how much money you have wasted. Also, think about how good it feels when you have extra hair on your head. And how bad it feels when you have cheap hair or a cheaper method that doesn’t last or damages your real hair. NO MESS, NO STRESS. Investing in the best method in the world will save you from having from REBUYING CHEAP OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The cost might be a sticker shock at first, but if you do the real numbers you will see that investing in real Top Notch quality hair and a quality method only benefit your wallet in the long run.


I know I have sat in the most bougiest salons in Bellevue and Seattle getting hair extensions put in my head up to 8 plus hours… and then when it was time to remove them it took 4 + hours, solvent, Hot Tools and alcohol. As my work has progressed and I have really mastered this trade my timing has gotten faster and faster.

You are in and out in around 3 and 1/2 and your removal takes 5 minutes!!!

Don’t be scared of the myths you hear about NBR hand-tied extensions. Be a educated client and do your research.

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