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How you can make your hair investment last…

Investing in luxury hair extensions means you value your hair. We want your investment to last as long as possible (6-12 months). If you are a blonde a little more precaution is needed and taking the time to learn how to maintain them at home correctly.

Brushing. Brushing with a wet brush that has boar bristles will be one of the most important steps. Lifting up rows and brushing over rows will keep hair soft and tangle free. Don’t skip this step.

Wash & Rinse. Shampooing your scalp and rinsing thoroughly before conditioning, will help keep extensions beautiful. Always use salon quality products.

Oil. Oiling everyday is crucial for keeping the extensions in good shape. It will feel counterintuitive to do so but trust us on this one.

Hot tools are not good. If you do use a curling iron or flat iron on your extensions make sure to spray a heat protectant on hair before. Blonde extensions can turn brassy with too much heat.

Move up appointments. Book your move ups every 6-9 weeks. You can go longer in between appointments but things can go left. To avoid any issues make sure your getting your extensions moved up no longer then 6-9 weeks in between.

When we see how your hair is holding up and how you personally take care of them, we can determine what you should be doing with a tailored regimen.