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What are Handtied-Extensions?

In a world full of different methods, different stylists and different hair brands- it can be so confusing for a consumer to choose properly.

Hair extensions have a evolved and let me just say that they have gotten better and better each year.

I have been offering extensions for 15 years and have worn extensions for about that amount of time; from itips, to bonded, braided in and finally hand tied extensions have all been in my head and offerednin the salon. I know I have sat in a chair up to 12 hours getting my extensions installed. Then to get them removed and be horrified at the damage that has been done. I couldn’t consciously offer those methods anymore because of the damage that was happening to my own hair. So I decided to level up my business and the methods I do.

Handtied-Extensions are the most gentle on your natural hair

The biggest reason at why I chose to not only offer the service in the studio and to wear them for years now in my own hair is how little of damage they cause. With little points of contact and weight being distributed evenly they are the most gentle and comfortable extension method on the market.

I have very fine curly ethnic hair. It breaks easily and stops growing at a certain point (if you know, you know my pain) And I cannot afford to lose any hair. Tape in extensions for instance use medical grade tape that is installed directly on the hair and then removed with a alcohol based solvent… scary right?? I knew that method was not for me and I needed something that had little points of contact and that could be removed with just string and a pair of scissors.

How often do I need maintenance?

Maintenance appointments are a breeze and take about 3 hours in-and-out. We suggest being back in the chair every 68 weeks but gascow much longer at the not in between reservations. With a five to ten minute removal that includes zero tape, glue, hot tools, braiding or alcohol- your extensions are taken out gently and comfortably. The damage free removal I think is the best part about luxury hand tied extensions… it just can’t be beat. Most of the time the removal process with extension methods is the most damaging part.

With alcohol based solvents to remove and hot tools to melt bonds and melt out of the hair…. can’t be a good thing.

What is done at each reservation?

Everything. Your hair is colored, extensions are colored at each appointment, deep conditioned, trimmed, blown out and then styled.

We do not cut corner’s on anything.

We want you to walk out feeling and looking like a goddess!!!

How long do the extensions last?

We try to promise less and deliver more. Blondes can go 6 to 9 months without needing new hair or needing new pieces put in- brunettes can go 9 months to a year. This really varies on how you take care of your hair and your lifestyle.

Can I wear my hair up?

Yesss. You can do ALL the things- workout, swim, vaca and top knots are all A OK.

In short, this type of hair and method is the most natural, customized and BEAUTIFUL hair extensions known to man. With it’s gentleness it can be worn for years and years with no issues and leave room for your natural hair to breathe and grow.