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This is not your average salon and not your average hair appointment

My studio is on my property and is not your average salon. With it being a invitiation only service this makes things way more intimate and personal. We only do luxury extensions and custom colors all day every day.

We only have 3 people in the studio at a time max; You, our guest, myself and my assistant. I have been taking only one or two clients a day to keep things clean and safe. This has been a change since I was used to taking 3 clients a day 5 days a week.

We make dreams come true and quite literally transform women daily. It is an amazing experience to feel completely different and to have that GLO up we love to create.

We transform lives daily and I don’t say that lightly.

Hair is so much more than just hair-

it is a feeling and it can be a complete energy shift.

My main goal with each guest is to have them leave with that glow up we love so much.

And this is what makes this service NOT your average hair appointment…