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We all have some form of it. Making sure my guests are aware of the maintenance when it comes to extensions and the longevity of them is crucial. It’s a win-win when a guest is educated on the maintenance of her luxury extensions and is ready to maintain her investment. I tell every guest that keeping their wallet happy is my number one priority because making them broke doesn’t help anybody.

I have always said that you have to be high maintenance to be low maintenance…

Getting luxury extensions put in every 6 to 8 weeks is a small price to pay when all you have to do daily is wake up do a little dry shampoo, pop a couple curls in and you’re ready to head out the door.

My beauty regimen is consistent and gives me considerably easier beauty routines in the morning.

Here is my beauty regime –

✔Extensions moved up every 10 weeks

✔New hair every 10 months

✔Nails every 2 weeks

✔Toes with shellac once a month

✔Botox or Dysport every 3-6 months

✔Filler annually

Whatever your beauty routine consists of remember that taking the time to schedule your maintenance and prioritizing which service will make your daily life easier.

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