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What are the steps involved in extensions?💁‍♀️ How does it work? There are so many questions especially if you are new to Natural Beaded Rows extensions or Invisible Beaded Extensions.

It is NOT your average hair appointment and we try to prep you before you make it into the studio. We always confirm your initial appointment a week earlier with a text message explaining what to expect, wear, bring and we always feed you, so a lunch menu will be sent as well. In the Application (Link in Bio) MOST questions are answered for you and us. Every guest is unique and special and we know what it takes to find the courage to make it in….so an hour consultation is the very first step upon arrival. We will go over the Maintenance sheet step by step TOGETHER and listen to any questions or concerns you might have.

This is an important step since YOU will be taking care of your beautiful investment and learning how is crucial.

After we go over any questions you might have the process begins! We snap a couple before pictures which only takes about 5 minutes. Then it’s time to get robed up and relax. While you sip on a glass of red, white or champagne we get to mixing up and prepping hair. Your hair is cut and coloured with precision and detail. Then the extension’s are custom coloured weft by weft. The colouring process takes the most time. By the time you are under the dryer your lunch will be served. You can Relax, eat, drink and enjoy our cozy space while Selena and I work on your hair extensions.

Once everything is dry and ready to be installed, we start the parting process. The right parting is so important for a seamless installation. The very first appointment we will do what we think will look best.

Then it will be time for beading! Beading the track will be the most interesting part for you to see how it feels. How many rows will Depend on your inspiration pictures and what your going for with length, volume or colour.

Stitching will be next. Stitching the hair in is so much fun and should feel snug.

The cut. After hair is stitched in tightly, we start to cut and blend everything together. NO ONE walks out without it being cut and blended.

Style time! Our favorite part is the style portion of your appointment. We make it all come together and give you the gift of feeling like a hair Goddess🙌🏽

Depending on how much time we have left, a makeup- artist may come in to freshen you up for after pictures ( this only takes a few minutes so have fun with it!!)….

Lastly, we will schedule your next appointment and give hugs, yes, we are huggers.😁🥰

When you are ready for you dream locks ….

Text to Book📲📲📲206 919 8717