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Texture vs Finish

Everyone that comes into our space is unique.

Everyone has their own texture, density and finish to their Natural hair.

We love diversity!!

Matching textures is something that is overlooked most of the time in the hair industry. Silky hair vs curly hair will react differently depending on your environment, lifestyle and Maintenance. We take everything into account when it comes to textures and the actual finish of of your hair. Natural Beaded Rows is famous for a seamless blend with colour and textures.

But, finish is also just as important.

How does your hair feel?

Does it feel rougher or silky soft?

This matters and is incredibly important. Think about what your hair does when you go out into humid weather. Does it fluff, or flatten? Matching your Natural Beaded Rows with your current hair will make you feel comfortable with your extensions. You will know how to maintain them just like you would with your bio hair. If you have textured hair or curly hair we have a mandatory 1 week appointment that is a follow up appointment to see how your curly hair and extensions are matching and how exactly you style them. Waiting a week or so lets the hair blend into themselves and lets us see how it will naturally lay.

The finish of the hair is what your hair FEELS like.

The texture of your hair is what it IS, curly, straight, fluffy, etc.

We will determine the right texture and finish for you at your consultation for your Natural Beaded Rows extensions. And we will choose something that you can feel confident and comfortable styling and maintaining for a 3 to 9 month period.

Make sure to contact us via text @ 206-919-8717 to book your over the consultation.