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By November 6, 2019August 13th, 2020No Comments

This is the most common thing we hear from our guests. The GUILT that is associated with doing something for themselves Sounds crazy right?

It is way more common than you think. Almost every single guest that we get says the same thing. That they didn’t think they deserved to feel good, they didn’t deserve to feel pretty and they feel GUILT for finally doing something for themselves.

Hair extensions have a bad wrap when it comes to unnecessary. After they get some extra hair and start feeling more confident that attitude changes for them, and their relationships. The guilt that is associated with self care vanishes and it becomes something that fuels their self esteem.

Guilt is a REAL struggle and something that almost every woman I know struggles with. Self care used to be called selfish, and more and more it is something that is recognized now as a necessity to keep you going at full speed. Self care comes in many different forms and only enhances your performance as a mother, wife, friend and coworker.

We are self love providers and we only want self care to come WITHOUT GUILT

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