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How To Pick The Right Oil For Your NBR Extensions

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How to pick the right oil for your NBR EXTENSIONS

DIY moisturizing is a thing. And something I hear often. I have salon quality oils I cannot live without, but, if your a more of a natural girl at home moisturizers might be the thing for you. It is really important that we can distinguish between a moisturizing oil vs. a sealing oil because if not you could be setting your regimen and your hair up for failure… or at least minor frustration and confusion.

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down with NBR clients that don’t know the difference between water soluble vs actually moisturizing oils are. And they are confused and frustrated that there extensions looks/feels dry. There are of course various reasons as to why this may happen… but a main reason is the use of the wrong type of oil. Just as there are differences between carrier and essential oils, there are differences in moisturizing and sealing oils

A moisturizing oil is an oil that is used to penetrate the shaft of the hair and actually moisturize it. Not all oils can do so. The oils that can not penetrate the hair shaft are best used to seal the hair and lock the moisture in. Also it is best not to use sealing oils on your scalp. Think about you will be sealing your scalp causing it to become clogged. A moisturizing oil is best applied to the scalp to help it stimulate growth. Here’s a quick list to help differentiate the two types of oils, and which you should be using wh

Moisturizing Oils: Oils you want to use on your scalp/ and with your leave in conditioner

Coconut Oil

My absolute favorite.

Coconut oil may be one of the best oils out there for hair care, beauty, and skin care. It has a endless list of benefits and uses. Coconut oil is a naturalist’s best friend! In its unrefined state (extra virgin is best) it is the least processed, and is actually both a moisturizer and a sealant (WHAT!) Well coconut oil is capable of penetrating the shaft due to its molecular structure, but in limited amounts. Because of these limits most of the oil stays on the outside of the hair (acting as a sealant) The most optimal time to use coconut oil as a moisturizer is in the presence of water or a water based leave in conditioner

Babassu Oi

Babassu Oil is also a similar story to coconut oil. The molecular structure of this oil is most similar to coconut oil and may in most cases works better for certain hair types and women with differing porosity in their hair. Babassu oil can penetrate the shaft of the hair ,and is much lighter than coconut oil therefore does not leave a heavy greasy feeling/film on your hair. Most of my Babassu oil uses comes during deep conditioning so I use it more so for a moisturizer in addition to my water based deep conditioner instead of using it to seal my ends

Olive Oil

Another 2 for one oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is known to penetrate the hair shaft and moisturizing the hair/scalp. As with coconut oil and Babassu oil to get the best moisturizing effect you must use it in conjunction with water or a leave in that is water based. Olive oil is also great for moisturizing when used in your deep conditioner as it increases shine and manageability of your strands. I’ve been using olive oil in my hair regimen from my transitioning days and it has never let me down. Plus it is fairly inexpensive and easy to find

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has large amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients that are able to penetrate through the shaft of the hair. This oil also helps to increase growth stimulation if used on a regular basis. I haven’t had the chance to use avocado oil in my regimen yet but I used actual avocados in my pre-poo for almost a year. I was always pleased with the results, just not pleased with the mess

If you are a more natural NBR girl, these oils are the ones to use. Using a combination of salon products and natueal home remedies is my particular favorite.

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