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I just got back from one of the most beautiful vacations in Maui (I’m from Hawaii so taking my babies back is so sentimental and sweet for me) and I am feeling rejuvenated and insanely excited to announce something exciting…

The doors are officially open for,

This two-day in-person experience will be jammed-packed full of knowledge leaving you with gems that will skyrocket your business and success.

I have been asked to do this for years but am only now ready to really dive deep into your guys businesses behind the chair and teach how I’ve built a dream biz (6-figure- forward girl here with only one chair and one assistant in the middle of nowhere )…

If you are struggling behind the chair or are feeling like a literal SLAVE to your clients and your chair I want you to hear me out…

I was you not that long ago.

I was a struggling kitchen beautician making only $1500 a month barely scraping by (pregnant!)

I didn’t know that investing in myself was worth going into debt over.

Because what you give to yourself will never be taken away from you!

Even if you have 1% chance of leveling up your life with a class or education program (check out my online Masterclass Sold Out Stylist here) it’s worth every single penny.

An asset is your knowledge, knowledge is POWER.

I am inviting you to join me during this two day event at one of the top hotels in Seattle/Bellevue, Washington on December 1-2nd.

What you will learn-


  • Learn the consultation process and how we nail it every time on every guest
  • Learn what we do to enhance each and every fly-in and long-distance guest to make their experience a dream
  • Learn how to create an extension transformation that looks seamless and completely natural
  • Learn how I utilize my assistant and what her duties are daily
  • Learn how to style and how to bring hair dreams to life leaving your client feeling like a GODDESS
  • Learn how to end your reservation with your guest to keep them flying back in (or coming from around the block ) each and every 6-10 weeks
  • Learn conscious pricing not random charging
  • Lunch will be served


  • Learn the systems and automations I put into place to attract celebrity clients and guests who travel. Let’s create your absolute dream clientele!
  • Learn how to become more visible. Living on social media is not the secret.
  • Learn all about branding, money, boundaries, and more.
  • Q&A to end our retreat with a toast to YOU

My ultimate goal is for you to leave with knowledge that will actually bring real results into your biz and life!

That is why I am only accepting 5 students to this intimate retreat.

Click here to apply!!

Do not hesitate because doors will close Friday, September 2nd at 12am PST!!!

I hope that if you can’t make it in person, you check out my online Masterclass here for a kick-start.

So much love,

Angelina xx