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Stay in lane…

Comparison kills creativity and joy.

Comparisons are odious.

And I can promise you, we all compare ourselves to others…at least once in our life.

I am guilty of the stupid comparison game- but I’ve realized something…

Being yourself is the only way you will actually be successful.
No one has your exact perspective in life.

This means you have a unique way of doing things, creating things and seeing the world.

No one else on this planet is like you.

When comparisons are out the window and you are solely focusing on how you can level up, that’s when the real magic starts happening.

When we truly can be in this state of flow, buckle up, and watch out.

This is where you never have to worry about where your abundance is going to come from because you’ll tap into how it’s everywhere.

We have to learn how to be healthy, how to be truly in our default, forgiving, loving, generous, receiving self.

So instead of comparing yourself to the other salon, stylist or business down the block, try instead to be dedicated to becoming the best that you can be behind the chair and in life.

I’d love to help you come home to this truth.

And remember, what you focus on expands.

So much love,
Angelina xx 💋

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here! I read and try to respond to every email I get in return… Let me know if you are struggling with the comparison habit and what you would like to
focus on instead!