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Do you know we can get 18 different textures to match your natural hair perfectly with your extensions?

No matter what kind of texture you have and no matter how you like to style, we can match. Depending on your lifestyle, your workout regimen and how you wear your hair will determine what texture we should choose. But the point is we have options!

This is not your average hair appointment and everything is tailored just for you.

We only use luxury hand-tied extensions and have been dipping our toes in the raw hair department. Raw hair is just like virgin hair; it has been barely processed and will last you over a year.

We always mix multiple colors and textures together to give you the most seamless and natural looking extensions. Some of our most popular textures are the beach wave (a natural S pattern that fluffs up and blends perfectly for someone who has a little curl and lots of fluff), deep wave (this is for our really curly girls that need the extra kink in their extensions to help blend with their
natural hair)!

Together we will come up with the perfect texture or the combination of textures that will look almost undetectable