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You get what you pay for…

It has come to my attention from multiple guest’s the past couple weeks that salons in downtown Seattle are claiming that they do NBR with a much cheaper price tag. Their BIO explanation of the service is uneducated and completely false.

They are in no way certified in NBR.

As a consumer it is up to you to become knowledgeable in what you’re paying for.

Education level, the quality of work and the hair itself need to be accounted for.

I know it can be incredibly confusing for someone who knows nothing about extensions but doing a little research will go a long way. This is a luxury method and a LUXURY experience and YOU matter. I spend a lot of money on my on going education and travel. And its worth every penny because I have happy clients that LOVE their hair.

It’s good to keep in mind that salons with a good reputation can still be in imposters. And as a guest doing your due diligence to call and do your research what method they actually have been educated in and how often they are practicing that service.

Just like picking out a doctor who is a specialist and who is tripled board certified vs a doctor who does everything and specializes in nothing, will make all the difference.

All we do all day, everyday is Luxury Handtied-extensions and colour…

Remember it always goes back to that old saying -you get what you pay for.