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There is No magic pill for thin hair-

Or hair that just won’t grow past a certain length

Or hair that is falling out post baby

Or hair that was chemically damaged

Or hair that was just cut too short

We have had guests that have had hair plugs, and painful hair surgery- that are still unhappy with the results. Not cutting your hair and letting it get long and stringy doesn’t work either…

But…. We have solutions.

If hair extensions are something you have wanted to do but have had a bad experience in the past with other damaging methods or you are just scared to try… you need a gentle method.

We understand that every hair counts when you have thinning hair and the health and integrity of your natural hair is priority.

We offer luxury hair extensions that cause zero to little damage. NBR extentions have little points of contact and give your hair room to breathe and grow…

If you are unhappy with your current hair extension method or you are ready to have thick long hair again text (206) 919-8717