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Why I think GENTLE HAIR EXTENSIONS will be the most important trend.

By October 1, 2019August 13th, 2020No Comments

Why I think GENTLE HAIR EXTENSIONS will be the most important trend.

When I think back 15 years ago when I got my first set of hair extensions put in, I remember being scared how they were being applied. And for good reason. I looked like a cancer patient once they were taken out.

My hair was in horrible condition.

I would have done anything to get extra hair on my head. And I’ve tried everything… fused bonds, tape ins, cornrows and hair dreams. Every single method that I personally have tried destroyed my hair. I know I have sat in a salon chair up to 10 hours getting extensions put in and taken out.

Since hair extensions is what I do, and ONLY what I do, all day, everyday, I can honestly say without a doubt that people are getting tired of ruining their hair. They are usually loyal to their stylists and are scared to leave them. But, they are unhappy, and tired of having hair extensions that destroy their natural hair.

And, I have seen it all. Every situation sounds the same. And they are ready for someone to help them take that step.

Hair extensions are classic. They will never go out of style.

More hair equals youthfulness and radiates confidence.

Thats why I think gentle hair extensions and methods like Natural Beaded Rows are going to be the longest lasting trend in the hair industry. I’m not talking about the runway as much as I’m talking about real life women walking the street.

If you are tired of your current hair extensions and are ready to let your real hair to BREATHE AND GROW….

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